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Default Re: Rough Times All Around For The GPU Crew

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
Spoken like a true fanboy.

ATI is winning the price/performance war hands down. The days of $650 video cards needs to end for PC gaming to continue to prosper. ATI has put a lot of power in many peoples hands for cheap.

I can't speak for your experience with your "friend", but as an actual 4800 series owner, I couldn't be happier having a $180 card that performs better than yesterdays $600 card. It puts my old 8800 to shame in every test I have thrown at it. The true drivers for them have yet to surface as well. I keep GPUZ sensors running on my secondary display while gaming and have seen many cases of unoptimized GPU usage not putting it to 100%. When I see it at 100%, the game is typically flying because those 800SPs are doing their job.
How can you compare 4800 series with almost two old years 8800?. It speaks of garbage ATI makes for the last three years. I don't care about Nvidia and ATI, i just get what's better.
GTX260 for $329 is better deal then HD4870. GTX280 has no competition right now. Just don't tell me HD4870 is faster then GTX260 in what? COD4 give me a break.
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