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Default Re: Nvidia's stance on criticism

Originally posted by Cool Barn
I have just finishing reading the (sticky) thread posted by Brian Burke inviting anyone having problems with their GeForceFX cards to bring them along to Nvidia to get it checked out. I also noticed that there was to be no flaming whatsoever, which I can understand as it was not a thread intended for that.

From what I've been led to believe Nvidia employees are not allowed to involve themselves with internet chat boards, whereas ATI employees are.

Who agrees that this is actually to the detriment of Nvidia? I ask this because it seemed to me that just because someone from Nvidia might actually read some of these posts that we were expected to tread on eggshells. I mean no flaming is one thing, but to potentially ban someone because they ask a question which could put Brian in the hot seat seems silly. It's funny really, the majority of the posts on this board lately have tended to be critical of Nvidia and the FX line (quite justifiably much of the time), yet as soon as Brian Burke finally pops his head up it's all pats on the back and "well done on the support Nvidia".

There are some probing questions that people have asked Nvidia lately, and they have either said "no comment" or just spouted PR rhetoric. If a PR team is only allowed to receive praise, and not actually have to answer criticisms, then that gives false impressions to the company involved.

(Pretty cushy job now that I think about it, might have to send my resume to them actually...)
you have a valid point...

however consider this...

BB is taking the time to post and get information to help out the consumers here in the thread in question...

if BB chooses to respond to any other concerns in any other thread... its fair game... but to bait and/or flame someone with a pre-meditated motive is not quite going with forum guidelines AFAIk... and would be a bad precedent...

btw.. I Am quite with you concerning the 'wow... look who dropped by... all I said is forgotten" peeps
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