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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
Why would I extend that courtesy to a pompous ass such as yourself, when you can't lend me the same courtesy? Oh, and 9800GTX+ SLI to GTX280. Another of your brilliant apples to apples comparisons...

I have no doubt that memory is a limiting factor in ultra high res + aa combinations, on NV cards. We're just not seeing these same limits in ATI cards. Again, the only way to truly test memory limits is to remove the other variables. But then, I've explained that numerous times already, and you're just too dense to grasp such a simple concept.
And again. I was never talking about ATI cards in the first place. Thank you. Drive through. i have no reason to lend courtesy to you all when you've done nothing but attack me in this thread. Besides that I have read what you said. But it makes no sense. Alot of the things you have posted are pure nonsense. I did not say it was apples to apples. I said it was an absolute failure to deliver of a 512 meg part. Anyone gaming on a multi GPU setup and saw that would be utterly dissapointed. When you multi GPU. You strive for consistent, high quality gaming experience with less compromise on performance and quality. Being forced to run 16x CSAA without any hope of ever going higher due to a memory barrier is a compromise. One that sucks to see on a multi GPU setup. Which for all intents and purposes is to drive high quality rendering. You yourself admit you have no interest in high res, high AA gaming. Why are you even in this thread? Do you enjoy attacking me so much? That so far seems to be your only vested interest in this thread.

Performance comparisons are good for determining absolute performance of specific parts. But they say nothing of gameplay. With SLI. I expect the highest quality and most consistent experience possible. Anyone who pays that much money for something should demand it. As the 9800GX2 may compare to the GTX 280 in raw FPS in alot of cases. But once you start playing games and raising settings to improve the gameplay experience. The 9800GX2 falls to its knees why the GTX 280 is able to consistently produce the framerates as settings rise. In this case even a GTX 260 SLI setup provides a more consistent experience than a 9800GX2 Quad SLI. Due to the memory. Despite the 9800GX2 Quad SLI setup providing more raw FPS in its ideal settings modes ((4x AA, And lower resolution/smaller textures)) Hence which is why it all comes back down to my original where I think the GTX 260 is very good deal and brings alot to the table compared to most NVidia solutions from a price/performance perspective especially due to its memory.
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