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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

i have no reason to lend courtesy to you all when you've done nothing but attack me in this thread.
Slow down there, sweetcheeks. I merely stated with my first post that a more apples to apples comparison (1GB vs. 512MB configs of the same card) would be a more accurate showing of the memory limitations. From post one you got defensive and attacked me. You also attacked Xion constantly, even though he hasn't said anything back to you. Are you making this up as you go? I think you've clearly got some antisocial personality problem going on there.

Besides that I have read what you said. But it makes no sense. Alot of the things you have posted are pure nonsense.
Right. Eliminating variables and comparing the same architecture with different memory configs is pure nonsense, but you testing different architectures and claiming the gaming experience is different based solely on memory...isn't nonsense? Dude, you're off your rocker. You've lost all credibility with me.

You yourself admit you have no interest in high res, high AA gaming. Why are you even in this thread? Do you enjoy attacking me so much? That so far seems to be your only vested interest in this thread.
Originally, I was stating my desire to see the same comparison you did, with only the same architecture. Since then, you've been attacking me, and I've merely responded. You pulled the same crap on others at Rage3D. You were right to take a vacation, because had you kept going, some people would have pushed for an outright ban. You may be tech savvy, but you're a rude, pompous ass, who considers yourself better than other gamers, for what reasons I cannot fathom.
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