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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

First reply to you. Not an attack on you

Second reply to you. Not an attack on you.

3rd reply to you was not an attack on you.

4th reply to you. Not an attack on you.

All 4 of these posts are Simply me reinforcing my point. That all the 512 cards show the exact same thing and problems.

All 3 of these posts were me reinforcing my position that 512 megs of memory is what limited the cards. You both tried to bring ATI into the discussion when I wasnt even discussing ATI to begin with. All of my posts were trying to illustrate how 512 Meg cards couldnt deliver the same consistency as 1 gigabyte cards could. In a perfect world. Every card would have a 512 and 1 gigabyte version of itself. But they dont. Trying to argue that my conclusions are inaccurate because they are not exact same card is complete nonsense.

The 512 meg cards all do the same thing in UT3. They all do the same thing in Crysis. They all do the same thing FEAR. Dropping to levels of performance that are inconsistent with the fillrate changes for AA Z-Fill cycles. This is what I have been trying to illustrate the same time.

No none of these cards are identical. But you can easily draw paralells by how they are supposed to drop off in performance by the way they scale with resolutions.

By my 5th post I am getting annoyed with you.

Right after "you" started flaming "me"

You flaming me again

ANd yup. Now I'm mad at you. And since this point you've done nothing but flame me.

Cards dont scale linearly with memory in the performance segment. Many have 512, Many have 1 gig. And many offer comparable performance. You know very well I dont have 1 gigabyte versions of the cards and your attempting to draw me into a straw man's argument by bringing up that point. I'm clearly aware that this would be a perfect comparison. But you simply dont need perfect comparisons to draw conclusions about whats going on. Everything I have shown here has been an illustration of how certain settings cause the 512 meg cards ((which can offer similar performance to 1 gig counterparts under specific circumstances)) to fail. Armed with this knowledge people should be able to make better decisions about there hardware. Theres little sense going out and buying 2 9800GTX + cards "Right away" to get GTX 280 performance. Or a 9800GX2. When cards like the 260 exist. IMO the 280 is not the better value that Nvidia offers. The 260 is.

Originally, I was stating my desire to see the same comparison you did, with only the same architecture. Since then, you've been attacking me, and I've merely responded. You pulled the same crap on others at Rage3D. You were right to take a vacation, because had you kept going, some people would have pushed for an outright ban. You may be tech savvy, but you're a rude, pompous ass, who considers yourself better than other gamers, for what reasons I cannot fathom.
The only reason I am rude to you is because of comments like this. When you make posts like this I am utterly disgusted with you. My only intention in this thread was to demonstrate how 512 megs on Nvidia hardware do not offer the same level of consistency as 1 gigabyte cards. I "cant" provide 1 gigabyte 98000GTX or 1 2 gigabyte 9800GX2 comparison because such cards dont exist or I dont have them. What I can do is draw up a conclusion based on a consistent pattern of problems with the 512 G92 cards.

Lastly. I dont consider myself better than anyone. Never have I said anything like that. The fact that you seem to think that I am belittling you is a personal issue of yours. Not mine. My intention here was to offer my perspective on multiple Nvidia platforms with regards to 512 megs verses higher levels of memory cards on Nvidia hardware. A perspective I have unique insight too. Not only through my contacts with Nvidia but my extensive testing on the subject. These points are not brought up because most reviewers dont do this or attempt to test these settings.

Personally if one person buys a GTX 260 over a 9800GTX/9800GTX SLI or 9800GX2 card based on the advice given in this thread. I feel I have succeeded. And thats the only thing here I have tried to accomplish. Letting people realize the limitations that the 512 configurations is important because far too often have I seen people come back and tell me things like "I upgraded my 8800GTX to a 9800GX2. But I cant run 16xQ in said game but I could on my 8800GTX". I saw this alot with the 9800GX2 and 9800GTX cards in retrospect to the 8800GTX. Keeping people informed on the subject is the only way prevent them from finding themselves disappointed later. Just because I post something about the GTX 260 or 280., Doesnt mean its some Negative spin against ATI. I typically try my best to avoid discussing ATI if at all possible. Because people dont care what I have to say about ATI hardware. People come to me for advice on Nvidia hardware or ask me questions about it all the time because I have just about every card released from nvidia in reference form since the 7800GTX.

As far as rage3d goes. They can ban me if they like. I am not posting there anymore.
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