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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
All 3 of these posts were me reinforcing my position that 512 megs of memory is what limited the cards. You both tried to bring ATI into the discussion when I wasnt even discussing ATI to begin with.
You need to drop this crybaby routine of yours.

For one, you were referencing "512MB" cards. At no point did you clarify that to include only Nvidia cards, so you are just as much at fault for any "misinterpreting" that may have happened here as any of us.

For another, MikeC had posted just before you referencing the performance of the 4870 with its 512 frame-buffer. So for you to sit there and act like you've been "attacked" unjustly or had ATI injected into the discussion out of nowhere--or whatever this battered-woman-complex you seem to have can derive--is just insanely stupid. We were already discussing ATI when you jumped in.

If you're going to reference the performance of 512M cards in a discussion that already includes ATI, then you can't be offended if someone brings their name up after you post. Honestly.. did you even read the thread before you jumped in, or just the subject line?

Medion is right; this thread was relatively civil until you decided to get a little testy and overdefensive and start throwing bribes at people by making personal judgments about them (like telling me I was trying to "justify" my "512M cards", for example. I'm so glad that you know my personality better than I do.)


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