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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

The only thing that bothers me Xion. Is that I have gone out of my way to explain I wasnt referencing to ATI. I have no vested interest in ATI. I dont use their hardware. And I don't work with their driver team. I tried to explain at the beginning in a civil manner. You guys can talk about ATI all you want.

No. I wasnt as specific as I should have been when I spoke about 512 cards. There was a misunderstanding based on the fact that I wasnt being specific when to the fact I was referencing Nvidia hardware. That was a mistake on my part. I realize that. But after explaining that I was not referring to ATI hardware. You would think that people would stop trying to take it as some negative spin comment on ATI. It wasnt. Never was intended to be.

To answer your question. No I did not read every post up to that point. Threads do derail. But I am not Mike Chambers. Nor am I even affiliated with him. ((No disrespect Mike)). My comments were based on a completely different subject regarding the comparison of Nvidia hardware to other Nvidia platforms. Once I explained that position. I thought that would have been enough.

Thats not saying I havent made my own fair share of mistakes in this thread. Perhaps I was wrong to base my conversation style with you based on previous encounters with you. If I let that jade my interaction with you. Then I do sincerely apologize. But that does mean I'm trying to lecture you, or give you a lesson on anything. When I discuss hardware. I discuss it in a very technical fashion. Using my own experience and test patterns too reinforce or discuss my points. You really should not take that personally. ((You have in the past and thats why I started this conversation jaded with you to begin with)).

Now if I offended you. I am truly sorry. I will be very honest when I say read your first post as questioning my motivations. Which does offend me. And causes me to get defensive. Medion is at least right about that. When I feel I am being attacked I defend myself anymore. Because I get it way too often these days because people read too far into what I say.

Now if I was incorrect that assumption. Once again I am sorry. But like I said. My only intention in this thread was discuss my subjective views on Nvidia's current lineup and pricing. I have little to say about ATI hardware thats of any value. But I hope my insights on Nvidia hardware are valuable to some people so they make the right choice when looking at Nvidia purchase options. I think if you take a little time to see past my affiliation with Nvidia. And look at the work I've done to try and help Nvidia users. I hope you'll see that my intentions truly only motivated to help people with Nvidia hardware. its the reason I administrate and run SLIZONE for Nvidia. Personally. I hope this better explains my position. And we can move beyond any harsh words or feelings we might have said to each other in this thread.

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