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Default Re: Rough Times All Around For The GPU Crew

Who started this whole 600 dollar debockel?

I think it was Nvidia with greed.

Look back at the FX 9800 Pro Days. Both good cards but 9800 was better in pricing and beat out FX in a few games not all.

With prices as dirt cheap as they are for PC hardware, its good if they get cheaper for us.

One thing you don't see these days is white box gpu's like years back.

Also 8 years ago we had strange names in the business that were selling dirt cheap hardware like PC Chips and Soyo and even Idema which kep prices down cuz people were confused about what to buy kinda like that whole cheap game fiasco back in 1983 that killed games from Atari. Remember?

We don't have dirt cheap companies selling stuff with same chipsets and features for half the cost.

Like back in 2000, i saw a Geforce DDR from Hurculies Prophet for 249 at Babbeges and TIger had that bobs house brand Geforce DDR for 150 in the white box remember.

I don't mind paying for a 280 from Bobs house brand white box for half the cost as the nice shiny box one.
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