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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
The only thing that bothers me Xion. Is that I have gone out of my way to explain I wasnt referencing to ATI.
Not in the beginning. Later on you did, but then, as I showed earlier, you continued to reference ATI when discussing 512M hardware. That's what was confusing. You talked many times like you were including them in your generalization of 512M hardware.

I have no vested interest in ATI. I dont use their hardware. And I don't work with their driver team. I tried to explain at the beginning in a civil manner. You guys can talk about ATI all you want.
That's fine. You don't talk about ATI or work with the hardware at all, and that's fine. But I think it's a little irrational if you expect any of us who don't know you on a personal level to be able to make that judgment right off the bat. You and I have crossed paths a couple of times, but I certainly don't know you very well or know that you never spend any of your time testing or researching ATI products (until you've made it clear recently.)

To answer your question. No I did not read every post up to that point. Threads do derail. But I am not Mike Chambers. Nor am I even affiliated with him. ((No disrespect Mike)). My comments were based on a completely different subject regarding the comparison of Nvidia hardware to other Nvidia platforms. Once I explained that position. I thought that would have been enough.
Thanks for explaining. Just to clarify: I wasn't inferring that you and Mike were in cahoots together--only that someone had posted about the 4870 just before you did, so with you responding about 512M hardware, it looked as if you may be including ATI in your analysis.

I will be very honest when I say read your first post as questioning my motivations. Which does offend me. And causes me to get defensive.
Yeah Chris, but can you really expect anything less? You're an Nvidia user group member and the moderator of SLI Zone. Should it really come as that surprising to you that anyone (possibly me) would believe that you may be a bit biased toward Nvidia when it comes to hardware and thus challenge good things that may be said about an ATI product on occasion?

Now perhaps I jumped the gun on that by misinterpreting your first post (which you already admit was kind of vague, as well), but that is a very careful line that you're trying to walk.

I respect your honest intentions if they truly are that (if so, you are to be commended), but at the same time I don't think it's rational to go about your business and expect most people to take your comments about competing graphics manufacturers at face value when you are heavily affiliated with one of them.

Perhaps you are different than Rollo or some of the other boneheads I have run into out of the "Nvidia Focus Member" group. And perhaps my bad experiences with those individuals slightly tainted my impression of you before it was warranted. If so, then I also apologize.

I do appreciate your insight about graphics architecture, because it is a hobby of mine. And especially your input in regards to multi-gpu solutions since I own one and have in the past.

As for past encounters, I'm just going to let that go. I could debate some of what you said about my previous behavior and the circumstances surrounding it, but I'd rather just let it go and move on.


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