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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Yeah Chris, but can you really expect anything less? You're an Nvidia user group member and the moderator of SLI Zone. Should it really come as that surprising to you that anyone (possibly me) would believe that you may be a bit biased toward Nvidia when it comes to hardware and thus challenge good things that may be said about an ATI product on occasion?
Yes Xion. I do believe that, Which is why I try so hard to avoid ATI discussions. Nothing good ever comes from me commenting on ATI. I wont deny I am biased towards Nvidia. But with my relationship with Nvidia. I try not interact in ATI Verses Nvidia discussion types. And in your replies to me you sent me alot of ATI oriented graphs. I want you to understand I wasnt ignoring you. But I was trying to ignore the ATI discussion to avoid getting into an ATI Verses Nvidia discussion. Because they tend to go no where and due to my close relationship with Nvidia I "am" biased in how I percieve Nvidia verses ATI. Its human nature. Hence why you will always see me trying to steer clear of such a debate.

What I "hope" is that people do look at the work I do, and the time I invest into helping Nvidia users. If you read any of my investigations or analysis. I think you will find that ATI is never mentioned anywhere.

That being said. There are times it really bothers me when I just get accused of "Shilling" when Im not even doing that. I dont mind people disagreeing with me as much as I mind getting accused of lying or shilling. Since you say you were not doing that. I sincerely apologize for my reaction's to your posts. I am aware that AMD exists as an entity and naturally comparisons will occur at times. I'm just very careful about how I approach those comparisons.

I will say this. Its very easy for "Tone" to get lost on the internet. And I misread things. I'm human and make mistakes.

Not in the beginning. Later on you did, but then, as I showed earlier, you continued to reference ATI when discussing 512M hardware. That's what was confusing. You talked many times like you were including them in your generalization of 512M hardware.
Your right. This was a mistake on my part. At the time I thought I was being called out. Hence my aggressive attitude. I want you to understand I used to be very very reserved, But lately I've come under alot of fire. And have been showing my teeth more than I'd like. In reaction. And I do apologize for that reaction.

Perhaps you are different than Rollo or some of the other boneheads I have run into out of the "Nvidia Focus Member" group. And perhaps my bad experiences with those individuals slightly tainted my impression of you before it was warranted. If so, then I also apologize.
Me and Rollo are friends in a non professional level. ((IE not related to GPUS)). But we are very different people when it comes to approaching things like GPU tech discussions. If you listen to what I am saying I will listen to you. All I ask is that you take a look at some of the things I do. And not judge me by your impressions of Rollo. We are totally different people and disagree on alot of subjects.

Rollo is a very opionated person. For better or for worse. He says whats on his mind. And doesnt let people get to him. Me on the other hand I have a pretty soft exterior and get offended too easily at times. I will be the first to admit its one of my major charactor flaws and its gotten me into trouble more times than I could count.

However if you talk me. Post your opinion. Even if I dont like it. I tend to send it to Nvidia. And let them know what the community is thinking. 3 weeks ago right before I went on vacation. ((I did 4 major investigation/articles while managing SLIZONE )) i blew up on some people. stress levels were at there all time high. Today I may have been more stressed than usual because I just spent the last 30 hours preparing a 9800GTX + investigation with only 24 hour notice from Nvidia. I have been grumpy and testy since then. When the GTX 280 launched. I spent 4 hours one night just perusing forums and preparing a an e-mail which dialogued the way people were seeing their current pricing. Which they had examined by their GPU product teams.

Thanks for explaining. Just to clarify: I wasn't inferring that you and Mike were in cahoots together--only that someone had posted about the 4870 just before you did, so with you responding about 512M hardware, it looked as if you may be including ATI in your analysis.
I will try to be more clear in the future ok? That being said. I'm glad we came to an understanding. The last 36 hours has been a stressful time for me preparing my 9800GTX + investigation and looking into the new PhysX drivers. I did not have much time and I had to get it done quickly. I am always at my highest stress levels once I finish a project and it takes me a while to wind down. perhaps I should avoid forums at that point. :P

That's fine. You don't talk about ATI or work with the hardware at all, and that's fine. But I think it's a little irrational if you expect any of us who don't know you on a personal level to be able to make that judgment right off the bat. You and I have crossed paths a couple of times, but I certainly don't know you very well or know that you never spend any of your time testing or researching ATI products (until you've made it clear recently.)
Fair enough. I'll try to explain what I do so you can better understand what I am about and my affiliation with Nvidia.

1) I work extensively with their hardware. Over at slizone its become joke to call me "ChrisNewRayEgg" as its been implied I have more Nvidia hardware than newegg. The reason they send me so much stuff is because its required for me to have extensive knowledge and underrstanding of their tech so I can reliably help people troubleshoot their PCs.

2) Every week I fill out a community and driver feedback report to Nvidia based upon bugs and problens that occur on SLIZONE. I document them and let them know what people are doing and if new major withstanding issues are occuring. I've been communicating with Nvidia on the overheating GTX 280 issue recently ((Just an example)) as we try to reproduce it.

3) I also assist with beta drivers ect. Getting issues like rendering problems with age of conan worked out before they make it to reviewers hands ect.

4) I am a HUGE sli enthusiast. And I tend to view almost everything from a multi GPU perspective. It may not be the best perspective for all situations. But it is what I deal with and I am good with it.

I dont make any cash money out of this. I do it because I enjoy it. Yes I do recieve alot of cards. But I have way more than I'll ever need. And I'm lucky to keep 1 gaming config in my system for a week before I am required to swap and switch them out.

Anyway that being said. I hope you now better undestand me and what I was trying to accomplish here. I want people who are interested in multi GPU to make the right choice for SLI gaming or high res gaming. Hence why I like the GTX 260 so much. In my testing in the last 6 months it has infact been my favorite card. Especially with the recent pricing adjustments.

Anyway. Once again I am sorry if I misunderstood your intentions. And I am sorry that mine were misunderstood as well. Going forward I hope we have a better understanding of each other.

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