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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Thanks for the detailed post, Chris. You seem like an alright guy with good intentions. I found the little bit of insight you offered in regards to your work with Nvidia interesting and wish you well with it in the future.

I do have one observation. For someone who tries to avoid ATI discussion, you sure hung out at Rage3D a lot in the past. I guess a lot of Nvidia guys do hang out there, though.

I do think the GTX260 is a great value for the money. Lots of VRAM/bus on a card that's a good OC'er. I think the problem with that card is that it needs to be priced a little lower since it's outperformed by the 4870 so often, and since the 4870 sometimes scales up to the level of the 280 for a lot less money. Even if it were only 30-40$ I think it would make a difference. People look at both cards right now and see the high ceiling that the 4870 has in comparison at the same price range.

It is a great card though and a great value, but it sits in an unfortunate price bracket right now.

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