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Default Re: Which card for AMD cpu?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Depending on the situation and the game, any system can have a CPU bottleneck with a decent card.

Really all you can do is get the best components you can afford. A 6000+ isn't top of the line, nor is it even with a 3Ghz Core 2 duo, but its well above the minimum and recommended requirements for any game I know of.

I'd just get the best card you can afford so that later on if\when you upgrade your CPU you won't have an underpowered graphics card dragging it down.

A 4850 is probably a hell of a card for the price though. I'd say it'd be a good match for your system.

If you can afford a GTX260 or 4870 though, those would be better... I'd personally recommend the 260 because of the extra memory.

... I guess I forgot to ask, what are you using now? If its anything in the 8800GTS\GT\GTX line or higher, I wouldn't really bother at this point.
if your asking me, then my current card is an fx5500 LOL. piece of crap i know... i sold my 8800GTX a while ago and reverted back to this one during my nongaming hiatus. so yeah, anything at the moment would be a substantial upgrade XD
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