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Whew! before I get into all that, is it really worth it? What can you find on IRC that can't be had in Edonkey/Overnet. It's not always the fastest, but I always get what im looking for. Just curious to how good it really is, what about large 600+ MB files? Does IRC support Resume, and Download from multiple people?

Overnet has really been rockin the last couple days,my friend said he downloaded Star Wars Episode II, 40 days 40 nights, Spiderman, Panic Room, changing lanes, Windows XP Corp edition with SP1 integrated all in the past 48 hours, oddly enough his transfer rates where buzzing around 180 KB/sec. Quite unusual. perhaps they are just popular files. I told him he needs to quit that though, the MPAA is gonna git that sucka! Not to mention the SPA. He needs to go out and buy that stuff anyways, what a cheap bastard!

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