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I agree with the mods/admins decision to stomp down hard on anyone making trouble for Brian here when he's looking to help FX owners.
To date, I have emailed Brian Burke, Derek Perez, and Carrie Cowan asking them why they had to devalue the 5800 by taking it off their website, and telling the reviewers they have learned from that mistake.

None of them have replied.

I have purchased a TNT1, TNT2, GF SDR, GF2 64MB, GF2 Pro, GF3, GF4 Ti4400, and GF FX5800, all new, all at Best Buy. I've pimped their stuff on many bbs, and I was one of VERY few people defending the 5800. (and still do) I can't be one of their "worst" customers, and I don't even rank a simple reply like,"We're sorry. The decision was made to distance ourselves from that card."


They just sold off their nV30s to the board makers, who sold them to us at premium prices because there hadn't been a nVidia card for a long time, and washed their hands of it.

To me, that customer support is LACKING.

And I STILL think the nV30 is fine, the nV35 stellar.
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