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Default Re: Comin back to PC gaming - confused

For real, lets clear the FUD.

The 4800s run AA much more efficiently than any Nvidia card currently. They take much less of a framerate hit when AA is enabled. They are a new design that is more efficient from the ground up. Nvidias 2-series is just a slight redesign of the 9800s which were just slightly different than the 8800s. Therefore, ATI with 512mb of RAM is not the same as Nvidias with 512mb. Nvidias architecture currently hits frame buffer limitations quicker than the Radeon 4800s.

Also, as far as the CUDA/PhysX support, it is in the works for ATI cards. Nvidia is currently supporting this venture also. ATI also a TON more shaders (800 unified vs the 192 for the GTX260 and the 240 for the GTX280) than any card on the market with the 4800 series. PhysX uses those shaders to run. It appears to me that the 4800s may be a pure beast with PhysX enabled due to having more horsepower to run them. That's purely speculation, because we have yet to see the CUDA ATI driver, but it's a damn good one.

Driver support is going to be key for the 4800 series. I believe they have a ton of untapped potential.
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