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Default Chaintech 5900 affected! Cause found!

I just RMAed a Chaintech 5900 non-Ultra card because of the flickering problem. It was pretty severe, especially when 4X/8X seettings were on. Basically, the screen flickered as though it was 60Hz, but ONLY when I moved my mouse in 3D games! It didn't matter if the mouse was USB or PS2. I tried everything. Only thing that fixed it was to put in my old Geforce4 Ti200. I discovered the cause though. While fiddling, I accidentally misconnected the card's power at one point, the card came up saying the power was misconnected. It ran fine anyway, just slower. Well, the time the power wasn't coming into the card is when the flickering stopped completely! SO, it has something to do with the AUX power input of the card! I have a top of the line Enermax 350W power supply though, which I'm not about to change. This is terrible because I just returned a 9800 PRO ALSO because it kept crashing my old games! The only decent card it seems is my old Leadtek GF4 Ti200! Anyway, someone needs to tell Nvidia about this. I don't have their contact info so please pass this along. It's basically a card engineering bug! ATI has had similar bugs, they are no better. If someone can tell me a brand of 5900 card that does NOT have this problem at all, I'd be very happy! Thanks.
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