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Default Re: NVIDIA GTX 280 Series 55nm cards...How will they perform???

I wouldn't hold your breath. 55nm isn't that much smaller than 65nm and on top of that Nvidia isn't getting much of a shrink or much of a power reduction out of 55nm compared to 65nm, as seen by the 9800 GTX+ previews on anandtech. I don't think they'll get below 500mm^2 and if they did it would be just barely, maybe the size of of the G80's chip, which is still huge.

The power reduction would be the bigger issue, because that directly relates to clock rates, if they are only getting 3%(see anandtech) power reduction then likely clocks would only be slightly better, probably stock clocks would be in the range of the high end GTX 280 OC boards that are out now. I still think they're holding out for 45nm or 40nm, in 1st or 2nd quarter of '09.
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