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Default Re: Comin back to PC gaming - confused

Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
Shader units are completely seperate from texture memory.

Texture memory is texture memory and unless you are using ATI's compression algorithm, once you run out thats it. Games with high res textures, high AA/AF and resolution will run over the 512MB mark. The GX2 was more than proof of this.

Performance wise the 260 and 4870 are extremely close, but the 260 OC's pretty well
I know they are separate. I was implying that people who assume that a card with more physical RAM on it is better, should also assume that a card with more shader processors would also be faster than a card with less. The 4800s are a new architecture that is more efficient than the GTX200s and don't require as much VRAM when AA is applied. As far as total texture memory, it will still lose if AA isn't in the picture.

OP, I'd get the 4870 just to support ATI and the competitive market. The GTX200s are still great cards and have better driver support and Nhancer which is just awesome. You can't go wrong either way. Don't let anyone (hell_of_ doom227, perhaps?) try to convince you that either are junk.

Originally Posted by SH64 View Post
I know you are banned now so i'll just direct my response to the general public.

I still cant get a solid proof that 4870 512MB dosent get any kind of stuttering/hitching/hiccups in high res + AA. something most reviews dont care to check or report.
I've not noticed any more on my 4850 than my 8800-320.
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