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Default Crysis Wars Revealed

Warhead Pre-Order at EA Store - Crysis Wars Revealed
The DVD version of Crysis Warhead is now available for pre-order at EA Store with a price of $29.95.

The game description reveals Crysis Wars, an expansion of Crysis' multiplayer (included in Crysis Warhead), with new online-modes and 21 maps of which 7 are new. Another new revelation is that the Warhead single player campaign will feature "all-new ally squad support".

Quote from the game description:

* Pulse-racing new installment from 2007's PC Game of the Year*: Play as Sergeant Sykes and experience a whole new side of the battle. A standard combat mission behind enemy lines becomes critical when you discover your enemies have captured something of vital importance to the ensuing war. It’s down to you to retrieve the cargo, at any cost.
* More explosive and dynamic minute to minute game play: new customizable weapons, new vehicles, new photorealistic locations to explore, and a fully interactive war zone to dominate.
* Enhanced human and alien AI: Intelligent enemies, bigger challenges, and all-new ally squad support.
* Includes Crysis WarsŪ, an expanded new multiplayer experience with new online modes and 21 maps including seven all-new maps to battle it out against other players.
* Crysis Warhead is a standalone release and does not require ownership of Crysis to play.

I hope they integrate the multiplayer with Crysis so that the multiplayer community grows.
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