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Default Re: "Flickering", "Quivering" and "rolling lines"--NVIDIA needs your h

Originally posted by BB NVPR
We have become aware that both NVIDIA and competitor’s cards are experiencing similar problems that are described as “flickering”, “rolling lines” or “quivering” in different forum posts. Here are a couple of examples:

NVIDIA has been investigating these problems; we are having a difficult time reproducing the issue. We are under the impression it is a noise issue, not a graphics card issue and is system specific.

In an effort to find a solution, we ask that anyone in the Bay area the who is experiencing this issue on an NVIDIA GPU and would like to visit NVIDIA with the system in tow contact us. We can use the system to identify the problem and see if we can resolve the issue. You will be doing a favor to NVIDIA and a service to the community. We will also make sure you leave with an arm full of NVIDIA swag!

First come first served! We can not look at every system in the Bay area, sorry.
I have seen this problem and your right it is a noise problem.
Not from the graphics card at all it would happed with any card installed any chip but would change a little with each.
It seems to come from combination of motherboard and PSU and monitor.
I work as a tech and see this very often,
I also was working in the RMA dept in a monitor company so I knew just what it was.
The fix most of the time is cable to monitor which has a bad/poor connection at the card.
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