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Post Current FreeBSD nForce support?

Hi guys, I'm looking to build a pfSense 1.2.1 based on FreeBSD 7.0 machine, and I am having difficulty finding a "sure thing" motherboard that is guaranteed to work. I have not found anything in the way of nForce drivers here, although on the FreeBSD 7.0 Release Hardware Notes here: it states the following nForce chipsets as being supported:


Can anyone inform me of what variations of these are known to work/not work under the default drivers?

Can anyone point me in the direction of current nForce FreeBSD drivers?

Can anyone point me in the direction of better motherboard chipset for FreeBSD?

If at all possible I would like to find something easily purchasable from Newegg, preferably server class but that is not a requirement.

I am also concerned about a SATA chipset driver, if anyone has any bones to throw me regarding that as well.

This is getting pretty difficult, Thanks in advance guys
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