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Originally posted by traverse
1. The "interupt that won't quit" error: Basically I'm working in X happily as can be, and suddenly everything except the mouse pointer freezes, and the pointer moves very choppily. Mp3's will continue to play, but slowly at points.
I had a similar problem that actually ended up being that I forgot to configure my kernel for my motherboard chipset. That caused my hard drive to drop back to PIO mode, which thrashed with the nvidia interrupts. Reconfiguring and recompiling my kernel fixed that problem for me.

2. the keyboard "num lock" and "caps lock" (i think, or it could be all three) flash on and off, and my system is dead to all input whatsoever.
that sounds like kdb is breaking into the kernel (it flashes those lights repeatedly to signal the user). Did you compile a kernel with kdb enabled?
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