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Originally posted by Cellar Dweller
I also re-formatted my system and re-installed everything and that's when I went to play BF with my new video card to see how it played and that's when I noticed all the stuttering and I mean real bad I couldn't play, it looked as if it were lag, but I wasn't playing online I tested while playing single player...

I remembered that I had same problem back when my 5800 Ultra was in and my system was new back in March of this year.

It was the SYSTEM RESTORE feature in Windows XP...

I'm sorry if it doesn't work for everyone but it worked both times for me like a charm...

You can also turn off INDEXING on the drives also, but you must do a defrag once you disable these, because it opens up space and fragments the hell out of the drive.
Dude, we aren't talking about stuttering problems in this thread, we're talking about some people getting flickering on their screen.
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