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Originally posted by volt
I have also reported "noise" annoyance to Brian. I'm kind of mixed up though. I have a Prolink FX 5900 which is supposed to be custom made PCB. Could be an early NVIDIA revision with yellow paint slapped on
Hi volt, I have this problem too. It only happens with my 5900 ultra and not with fx5200, ti4600, ti4200, mx440, 9700pro and 9800 pro.

The noise is heared while scrolling, resizing windows , maximizing, etc. (its not audible when my case is closed)

People have reported that unticking smooth scrolling in IE solves some of the noise. Some others also say that with windows default drivers, nothing is emmitted.

Fan or Voltage problems?

I hope nvidia solves this soon since my brother's card (2nd card) can be heared pretty well (maybe its because he's using onboard sound)

Sorry Mr Brian Burke, i can't help, i'm way off Bay area waaay off (europe)
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