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Default failing to initialize NV driver

i can't get Xfree86 to start because it claims to not be able to initialize the NV driver. i used the tarball versions of the driver and when i did the make installs on those the GLX was ok with no problems. i think the problem resides in the fact that the NV driver was adding stuff for PCMCIA which is not compiled in my kernel because i have no use for it so i took it out and when doing a make clean and then make install for NV driver it errors with unresolved symbols for some PCMCIA stuff. i figured it probably wasn't a problem because i could modprobe NVdriver and then i checked to see if the module loaded ok with dmesg and lsmod. it says the module is there but "(unused)" is next to it. that's about it. i'd really like to get some 3d software running instead of this lame VESA driver.
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