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Default Re: NVIDIA GTX 280 Series 55nm cards...How will they perform???

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
The power reduction would be the bigger issue, because that directly relates to clock rates, if they are only getting 3%(see anandtech) power reduction then likely clocks would only be slightly better, probably stock clocks would be in the range of the high end GTX 280 OC boards that are out now. I still think they're holding out for 45nm or 40nm, in 1st or 2nd quarter of '09.
It would be nice to see them get the power requirements for it down to just 2, 6-pin PCI connectors.

I kind of wish they hold the power requirements steady on video cards for a few years, and work on increasing performance within the constraints of finite power requirements. That'd equal lower noise, lower heat, and easy on the electric bill. If they did the same for the motherboard, I might actually be able to keep the same powersupply for more than 2 years; Imagine that!
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