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Default Re: xorg crashes with xinerama + crashes with compsite and OpenGL

Originally Posted by noheip View Post

Regarding the Xinerama problem I couldn't find a regressen, it doesn't work with the older versions too
Since I have a triple head setup twinview isn't an option for me.
Possibly xorg itself has the bug
Ok, the Xinerama Problem is also identified. Thanks to that thread:

I disabled the composite option (in xorg.conf, not just not running a compostitor!) and now xinerama is working fine with my two 7300GT and 3 screens.

Seems compositing is a big issue for the nvidia driver.
I'd love to know the problems beeing recognized/working on
I don't want transperency - vista like - just for eye candy, but for real transparent (inactive) consoles for example. Eye candy of dropdown shadows are also welcome of course! I'd so much like to have a composite compatible nvidia driver
Could AaronP perhaps leave a comment? Or Zander? Thanks in advance!

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