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Default Re: 3x SLI GTX 280 vs. 4870x2 CF

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
All these reviews are just terrible.
No they aren't. It's quite obvious that the 4870x2 will be the fastest single slot consumer video card ever released with a tremendous performance to price ratio. My hats off to AMD for producing such a fantastic product.

That said, I don't see me needing any more power for a long time, not at least until I upgrade to Nehalem in the next 12 to 18 months is what I'm planning.

I'm considering perhaps that I may jump the gun a little earlier and build around Christmas depending on what the landscape looks like.

My realy big concern is the future of SLI and what are nVidia's long term plans for their multi-GPU technology. It looks to be about as clear as mud. Possible X58 support, but not easy to integrate and this making motherboards harder to come by and more exspensive.

Hey, I love nVdiai as a company overall. As much as AMD has pulled off with the 4800 series this time, its sure been a while for the Red Team. If he had to depend on them for great products at regualar intervals like nVidia, well, lets just say it wouldn't have happened.

I don't know why I am so concerned about my next upgrade considering that the main rig now is crushing games and will probably for a while, I guess I'd like things to be a little more clear with nVidia. Maybe this is the begining of the end of their dominance for a while, maybe ever.

Still really want to see how 3x GTX 280 SLI and 4870x2 CF stack up. I need a few braging rights but let's face facts. At the high end, nVidia is not where its at right now.

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