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Originally posted by ronterry
I have to step in here for a minute...Please spot blaming it on people’s hardware, hell my 9800P is working fine & before that my GeForce3 worked great. IT'S THE CARD, nothing more. Weather it's drivers, bios, or the board - It's still the card...

No one here should have to replace this, or replace that to get the 5900 to work properly.
I'm sorry, but I for one am not going to wrap my case in aluminum foil or what ever...

BTW: Mine was on an APC BackUps Pro 1100...

Something doesn't sit well with me on your statement, so please allow me to explain my opinion and see if you might be able to see what I do.

Why did you get PC3500 for your P4/Abit IC7-G instead of PC3200? Simple, you took steps to ensure the potential for success with your P4/mobo combo or you got what the sales man said would be a great system without looking into it.

With the way some companies had been lately using cheap capacitors to save money *MSI, I wouldn't hold it past them to find a way to recoup some lost profits from the NV30 to possibly have some infleunce on what is going on. However, with the amounts of people who have the problem vs. the amount who don't kinda make it sound system specific. The only thing I keep seeing is 5900. Would be cool to see brand names rather than just the model # of which card you have and is causing the problem. Even put it in your signature to there is no confusion as to what you had.

Saying my 5900 this or my 9800 that doesn't specify if the problem is chip related or manufacturer related.

Back to what I was saying about your Abit mobo/memory, you took some steps to ensure it would be successful. Ever hear that expression "You wouldn't put 87 octane in a Ferrari expecting it to perform like a race car would you?" ATi had similar problems with the first version of their 9700Pro if you recall which ended up changing the PCB design a bit with the addition of 2 capacitors added to a section near the GPU. ATi also said it was driver related although why add the additional capacitors on the PCB then? Because they are taking measures to ensure the success of the product.

There seems to be a new trend on the rise if you hadn't noticed. Components of all sorts are becoming more sensitive it seems to other things. Hell, we even have Speed Spectrum as a BIOS options now that is suppose to aid in the prevention of EMI (Electromagnetic Impulse). This would certainly suggest that components are becoming more sensitive and require certain components to ensure it success.

I have two good friends that purchased a Gainward 5900U and a MSI 5900 non-ultra. The 5900U is run at default speeds while the 5900 non-ultra is running near or at 500/900. Both people do not have the problems that are being described. Both have Antec 500watt PSU's but only one has a UPS (Guy with the 5900 non-ultra).

So, I am not saying it is one or the other. I am saying however don't count out one or the other.

I hope the problem is resolved soon and would hope you all would get more specific than just popping in here and posting you have the problem and not leave system specs. This post was also to everyone and not just you ronterry, hope you will be able to find which things I talked about related to you.


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