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Default Re: Gigabyte 280 GTX @ $460 shipped

Originally Posted by jcossin View Post
Hmm, I think that's far from a sure bet...

I picked up my 9800GX2 for $530 on 4/15 and to dump it just 3 months later I'd be looking at getting $300 which is a $230 loss in just 3 months... And $530 was quite a deal at the time for that card.

Granted the 8800GTX held a good price for a long time but we seem to be in a period of rapid change due to competition again so it's quite possible the 65nm 280 GTX will lose value more rapidly, especially if the heat issues become more widespread or publicized.

For now I plan on sitting off to the sidelines enjoying my 9800GX2 until things stabilize a bit and see where things are at closer to the end of this year. Heck, besides Crysis (which I don't play much) I really don't have any other games even stressing my GX2 at the moment to justify an upgrade.
Nothing's a sure bet, but I seriously doubt the high-end card Nvidia launched @ $650 last month is going to be selling for under $300 in Aug./Sept. unless AMD sells the 4870x2 for $400 instead of the reported $550.

And GX2 cards = reamed. It's the second time Nvidia launches one a few months before their new high-end single GPU. Of course they aren't going to hold their value well. Now look at the 6800, 7800, 7900, & 8800 - if purchased a month or two after launch they offered a tremendous gaming value since you didn't get screwed on the initial pricing and you could of sold them anytime during your first year of ownership and still got back 80%+ of your original purchase price. I purchased a 8800 GTS 640 in Jan. of last year for $380 and sold it in Feb. of this year for $330.

Not even the infamous dustbuster lost half it's value in three months. And the 5900 was a bigger jump over the 5800 than whatever Nvidia does with their 55nm 280 compared to the 65nm part. That is, unless you expect this part to offer a 512 bit bus on GDDR5 + 30% higher clocks on the GPU for ~$500 in Sept.
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