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Default Re: Newest Nvidia 64bit drivers don't support 7900GTX?

unfortunately i cannot create a nvidia-bug-report.log file while the system is locked. I tried to log on remotely, but no luck. So this is the log file with X running, but not after the problem occured. I don't think this will help you with anything, but here it goes (it's compressed cause it was a little bigger than allowed).

When problem occurs, the only thing i can do is just reset... i can't run any applications, can't even kill X or any process... no shortcut is working, except SysRq+Alt+B... By the way, i tried today on another AMD64 system i have... i used my VGA card with the Ubuntu Hardy 64 installed of course... and the same thing happened...

It's pretty sad to be honest, and i hope this issue will be addressed for future driver releases. Thanks again for your time...
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