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Default Re: 3x SLI GTX 280 vs. 4870x2 CF

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post

Henesly4You--is that you? Do I need a restraining order?

No, check your PM box from last year when the G80s and R600s were about and the hot and heavy **** was going around. I shared my Oblivion experience with my 8800GTS 640s single/SLI and from my transition from the X2 3800+ to my now current C2Q6600.

Try it yourself, start a map in Oblivion, the first 3s or so in a straight line of 50-75ft in game circle you get high fps, go beyond that range, and watch you fps start to dip as you start t get game AI and enemies to appear. BIOSHOCK is even worse as the diference between walking an empty map and one that has game AI, enemies, guns and grenades going off the fps is vastly different.
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