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Default Re: NVIDIA GTX 280 Series 55nm cards...How will they perform???

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
Actually, look for a GPU of around 420mm^2 at 55nm, those who now these things at B3D are saying 400-440mm^2 at 55nm.
I dont see that being possible. The actual physical shrink of 65nm to 55nm is only ~16%, so it cant be more than that, and for Nvidia as seen by the 9800GTX+ they seem to be only getting about 12% shrink out of it. Being that the 9800GTX+ and the GTX 280 are fairly similar in design I can't imagine them getting much, if any, more out of it than the 9800 does.

The actual physical shrink would only put it at 484mm^2 which is the same size as the 8800GTX, still huge. The more realistic 12% number puts it at 506mm^2.
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