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Here are some interesting new findings to report:

In response to Andy's request for a screenshot, I discovered the following.

Screenshots look perfectly fine and do not show any evidence of the jaggies.

Thinking about it, this makes sense, since the problem is probably not with the actual video bits themselves but with the refresh rate and the way they are converted to DVI signals.

This would explain why the problem only occurs at certain refresh rates (and screen resolutions) and also why the problem only seems to happen under DVI (not analog).

The one perplexing issue is why this seems to effect only some people. My guess is that the reason is one of the following:
-- Different XF86 configurations
-- Different video cards (might be something subtle in the output of the card or could be a bug effecting only some chipsets)
-- Different DVI LCD monitors (maybe some are more sensitive to flakey signals than others)

I *really* would like to solve this having spent almost $1000 on my high end monitor and nVidia card combined.

In any case, a direct screenshot won't reproduce the jaggies. You would probably need to take a picture with a digital camera (which I don't have). Anyone willing to do that and post the pics on this thread?


Fedora Core6/Linux 2.6.x
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