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Default Re: ByeBye GTX280, Hello 8800GTX

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
no $499.00 1GB / $549.00 2GB.

nekrosoft13, good grief dude can you imagine the 4870x2 @ 1680x1050 what what ever AA & AF. JESUS
i don't want 1GB (512mb in reality), i need to see more info about 4870x2, so far it looks good in few high profile games, games that ATI probably took their sweet time to make sure their were perfect, there is a good chance rest might run slow, something like a single 4870.

but if i can grab GTX 280 for about 419 (449 - 30 rebate), that card will be more then enough. and still save $130 compared to 4870x2.
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