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Originally posted by puterguy
The one perplexing issue is why this seems to effect only some people. My guess is that the reason is one of the following:
-- Different XF86 configurations
-- Different video cards (might be something subtle in the output of the card or could be a bug effecting only some chipsets)
-- Different DVI LCD monitors (maybe some are more sensitive to flakey signals than others)
Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this *can't* be an LCD monitor problem and is probably not a video card problem (unless some of the broken scaling functions are implemented in hardware). The reason is that the picture looks fine when running video in less than full screen or when running any other type of application (including games like Quake). Also, the fact that the drivers seemed to work OK in earlier versions and that the video works fine if it is the *second* video clip running tends to point more to a driver problem.
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