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Default Re: ByeBye GTX280, Hello 8800GTX

my last desktop ati card was X850XT, that was a while ago. Around the time CCC got introduced i quickly sold the card.

I kept on using my old laptop with 9600pro till around may 08. Always updating drivers when ever a new one was out. Still didn't like CCC it seems to bloated, slow to react.

Still no one showed any proof that you can set AA compability with ATI card for games that have trouble with AA. Since 4870x2 is multi-gpu, I also would like proof that you can adjust Multi-GPU rendering profile in detail. I heard that you can pick SFR (scissors) and AFR somehow, but there is more to it. There are maybe 100s if different AFR modes. Also lack of Super-Sampling AA would be missed.
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