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Default More Nvidia price reductions: GTX 280 @$449!!!

It looks like AMD keeps putting the heat on Nvidia. The GTX 280 will soon go for $449, the GTX 260 will stay at $299, and the 9800 GTX+ will go for $199.

Here are the contestants:

GeForce GTX 280 vs. Radeon HD 4870 X2

GeForce GTX 260 vs. Radeon HD 4870

GeForce 9800 GTX+ vs. Radeon HD 4850

The GTX 280 will lose to the HD 4870 X2 in almost every case except Crysis. However, the GTX 280 will be priced about $100 lower. Let's see what Nvidia does if AMD can get the 4870X2 to launch at $499! We may see that GTX 280 going for $399 very soon!!

The GTX 260 vs. the HD 4870 is a toss up with each winning in different games and settings.

The 9800 GTX+ vs. the HD 4850 is also a close call, but I'd give the overall nod to the HD 4850.

This price war is definitely welcome for us gamers. However, it will definitely impact the bottom line of both companies, possibly causing AMD to go out of business. Still, let's enjoy these prices while we can!
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