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Default Re: ByeBye GTX280, Hello 8800GTX

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
CCC is crap, unorganized which eats a lot of RAM and freaking takes forever to load.

I don't use ATI cards and one of the reasons is CCC. Since it was released back in Radeon 9800XT periord, i said that's it. I tried it a few weeks ago again...same crap as it was before.

Nvidia ESA Tool is just perfect. It nicely integrates into control panel, everything is organizaed and profile manage is great.
Yes, it's such a memory hog. 40mb when CC panel is loaded and a whopping 3mb when not. My framerate is taking a huge hit from that 3mb being ate up by CCC.

You got anything besides opinionated bias?
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