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Default Re: ByeBye GTX280, Hello 8800GTX

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
I really like the way the 4870's are looking. With 1/2 the memory, you get about 80% of the performance of a 280 GTX. That's not bad! But at the same time, that still means the 280 GTX is the winner in overall performance. Some day, we may see that full 1GB of memory being used, and when we do, the 280 GTX is going to crush the 4870, because the 4870 only has 512mb... that's the 4850/4870's downfall currently. It's a great card, but it looks like the 280 GTX may be slightly more futureproof. At the same time, the 4850/4870 supports DX10.1, so it's anyone's call which card is better.

If I were to buy a card right now, it would be the 4870. It's a fantastic card for the money! That doesn't mean the 260/280 GTX sucks though. They're great cards... but I like the 4870 better. I'm also playing favorites just a little bit right now... Nvidia has been clobbering ATI recently, and now that ATI has finally made a card worthy of praise, I think they deserve a little money for their efforts.

I think that by the time we see games hitting the shelf that spit out 1GB Framebuffers, we will be craving more than a 4870 or 280 GPU and they will be available. Just like the 256MB to 512MB arguement a few years ago.

I remember 2 years ago people saying that getting the 256MB X1900XT was a bad move. That the 7950GT 512MB was the way to go. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The X1900XT 256MB edition was mostly as fast or faster across the board than the 512MB editions of the 7950GT. People said that this was not possible and that 1600x1200 with AA and AF, the 512MB would pull the 7950 based cards into the lead. This was not the case.

Then again... Ultra res and AA modes against the X1950XTX and OC's 7900GTX's of the world... But framebuffer might not have been the problem.

But in normal tests and in the usualy game modes against cards in it's price class? It hung right in there with half the RAM.

To this day the X1900XT 256MB is a close match for those cards and by the time you push the card to the point where the 256MB hurts none of those cards from 2006 would be sufficient to provide a playable framerate. I think this is the same situation.

For someone to say that the RAM on the GTX260 and above obsoletes the 4000 series also means ALL cards from either company other than GTX200 are no longer a good investment. I think that is flawed thinking myself.

IMO 512MB is a good size and only became a defacto standard in the last 12 months and is still more than enough for resses below 1920x1200 with AA and AF.

1GB cards will become mainstream in a year I think. I will probably buy one. After only spending $289, it wont be that big a deal to upgade.

1920x1200 with high AA and high AF and maxed eyecandy? You might not have a choice but to get the GTX280 1GB or 4870x2-2GB edition. For everyone else? There's probably no issue with 512MB.

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