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Originally posted by rmonster
FWIW, I've a 9800P that exhibited some of the flickering/rolling lines problems mentioned by some.

I'm running a dual-head setup, with the display spanned across one HP 17" and one NEC 19" monitor... I had flickering probs when running both displays only.
Your flickering is different. It is caused by one of the monitors interfering the other. The problem discussed here concerning the FX5900 seems to be caused by interference / filtering problems in the FX5900 board itself.

How do I know? Because (at least some of ) the peeps here that have the problem are not amateurs. There has been attempts to use the cards in different machines, with different monitors, with UPS-systems and in different geographical locations. If the problem would come from interference with e.g. certain monitors, these means should always solve the problem, but that isn't the case. With some of the cards the problem persists. Luckily it's not all the FX5900:s.
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