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i doubt it, WarCraft 3 and Battle.Net in general seem to have their share of problems.

in both Diablo 2, and WC3, i have tried to log on to bnet and have received errors saying "version not verifiable, download the latest patch or reinstall." i had the newest version.

also, it is a known fact that when downloading maps in WC3, sometimes bnet kicks you out of the game. additionally, downloads sometimes freeze when people join a game so you have to rejoin and start all over. problems are abound where people's computers don't load a level, so even in a ladder match you will get a free win as your opponent "leaves" at the start of the match.

not to mention that occassionally i get weird critical errors that crash the game which are not fixed with a restart of my computer, but i must run scan disk.

all these problems that i clearly see and hear about from other people lead me to believe that WC3 itself is at fault.