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Default Re: XFX 280GTX/260GTX Early Buyers: Cashback Up to $120

Originally Posted by E30325i 2.7 View Post
ATI Fanboy? Yes
Nope. My last card was an 8800 Ultra, and I had 8800GTX SLI before that.

Before that I owned a 7950GX2 and a 7900GTX. So:

You = fail.

There's nothing "fanboy"ish about stating the reality of a given situation. Am I glad that ATI is back in the game? Yes I am. Competition is good for the industry and for the consumer since it lowers prices across the board. If it weren't for ATI, Nvidia would still be taking your money at 500 and 650$ a clip. And yeah, I'm also taking a little pleasure in the fact that Nvidia's market share is suffering a little due to them overpricing people at ridiculous amounts for their products. I would feel the same way if ATI had acted in such a way. It's unethical business practice. I mean, we're not talking a few bucks here; we're talking 150-200$. That's a lot of money.

Kudos to Nvidia and their vendors for offering cash back to early adopters, but at this point it looks bad from a marketing standpoint and the public eye. It reaks of damage control and desperate measures, and it also more clearly displays what a bad move it was to price the 260 and 280 so high to begin with.

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