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Default Re: More Nvidia price reductions: GTX 280 @$449!!!

Aren't we forgetting that the numbers shown so far were done with beta driver sets,and that the actual official reviews will be done with final cards(with working power play energy saving),and drivers that actually support it properly.

The only thing that needs improvement gaming wise is crysis since all the other games already showed big improvements over the GTX280,and in at least 2 cases,a single HD4870X2 actually managed to beat 2 GTX 280's in SLI.....Hows that for a kick in the nuts.

Get Crysis performance up to the same point that the other games are running and the GTX280 humiliation is complete,and i'm sure that ATI,and their driver writers,are well aware of that fact....

As for me,it's looking rather tempting to go all out and actually get a pair of HD4870X2's(2GB versions),and basically sit on that for the next 2 years,until something 2X faster pops up(actual game performance,not theoretical numbers).
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