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Originally posted by aapo
Your flickering is different. It is caused by one of the monitors interfering the other. The problem discussed here concerning the FX5900 seems to be caused by interference / filtering problems in the FX5900 board itself.

How do I know? Because (at least some of ) the peeps here that have the problem are not amateurs. There has been attempts to use the cards in different machines, with different monitors, with UPS-systems and in different geographical locations. If the problem would come from interference with e.g. certain monitors, these means should always solve the problem, but that isn't the case. With some of the cards the problem persists. Luckily it's not all the FX5900:s.
Did you read the last paragraph of my post?

"Anyway, I know there are many variables that could cause the same symptoms, but in my situation the advice offered by many here certainly was accurate. Looking for sources of emi around the monitor itself (in my case, another monitor, might be different for others) might prove to be worthwhile if you're having probs. Thanks to all here who contributed, I'm grateful for the advice "
No offense, but because it was my first post here is no reason to infer that I'm an amateur. The rig with the 9800P is watercooled with an external rig, and is on both a line-filter and an isolation transformer to eliminate the chance of interference from my cooling setup. I might have just a little bit of experience

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