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Ok, I tried EVERYTHING. Check out what I tried to get my Chaintech 5900 non-ultra to stop flickering, all attempts FAILED except the LAST ONE!

1) Turned off System Restore.
2) Put a ferrite choker on the 4 pin power wire to card.
3) Put a ferrite choker on my monitor cable.
4) Turned on Vsync.
5) Changed driver versions from current to 45.20.
6) Overclocked and underclocked the card from 250 to 450Mhz. Same with the RAM.
7) Disconnected all fans in system except video.
8) Changed fan speed of a number of fans.
9) Placed FX card on a power cable with no other devices sharing.
10) Switched from PS2 to USB mouse.
11) Removed my Audigy2 card.
12) Removed 4-pin power connector from card. <--- ONLY THIS WORKS!!!

My GF4 does not have any flickering on the same system, neither did my 9800 Pro. Flickering is worse when you move the mouse. It is very visible at 1024x768x32x100Hz.
I have an Enermax EG365P-VE 350W power supply. I HAVE AN APC LINE CONDITIONER TOO!

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