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Default GeForce 2xx series owners, join the NvNews Folding team (35216)

A few new faces have signed up to the Folding team (see my signature for link).

The team is currently ranked amongst the top 160 in the world and with the release of a new client for Nvidia cards, finally we can have a legion of new users join on

The client works under XP and Vista and even Vista x64. Consider signing on at your convenience

You do NOT have to use your graphics card at 100% utilization. I have mine set at 70% and I can still play most of my games (including TF2) with the client folding in the background. For more intensive games, it is recommended to pause the client and resume once you are done gaming.

This is for a worthy cause and the results are transmitted directly to Stanford's servers.

Several websites have teams folding away, HardOCP is the number 1 team overall. We have done fairly well with a limited number of dedicated folders but with the raw power of the recent Nvidia GPU's unleased, we can make a serious move with small and consistent contributions from more people.

All contributions help, even if it's just a 1 point average and you do not have to fold 24/7. Fold when you can, donate your spare cycles to research and to finding cures as a result of that research.

Thanks all.
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