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[quote]Originally posted by Megatron
Originally posted by ibGoodEnuf
I can understand why you guys are so sandy: you both are scoring about 3000 points under what you should be. /QUOTE]

Hehehe really...for my configuration and card, my 11,700ish score is just about right. Not everyone is bitten by the OCing bug son..
3,000 points lower? I think not...hell someone just broke 20K I guess that now we should consider ourselves about 9,000ish marks low...oh boo hoo I guess I F`Ed up building this rig...what`ll i do.......
Erm, Megatron. I'm not trying to join the personal insult-fest you two have going, but ibGoodEnuf's right about your score being too low for that particular rig. My unoverclocked 2100+ with an unoverclocked GF4Ti4600 using the 29.42 drivers scored around 11k in the default 3DMark2K1SE benchmark. From your sig it appears your processor isn't that much slower than mine is (er, when NOT overclocked), and I know that the video card isn't slower than mine, overclocked or not. I would expect a minimum of 13500 out of R9700 on an XP2000+ or higher AthlonXP processor.

Sorry to have interrupted, feel free to return to your regularly programmed arguments on 3DMark mastery now.
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