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I returned the card before I remembered to try it in my 2nd computer. Yes I did all that, but didn't try it in my second computer system with different monitor. But I don't think it would have made a difference based on what I've read here. And even if it had, I need the card for THIS system. I think is affects ALL 5900 cards. I think people just aren't noticing it or something. I have yet to see anyone who says they see this problem and swapped cards and the problem went away! Everyone says the problem is still there. So this sounds like a massive engineering bug... kind of like Nvidia's universally poor 2D quality in the pre-Geforce3 days. I'm hoping NV38 fixes this... do you know how annoying it is to be running a GF4 Ti4400 equivalent on a P4 2.6C 800MHZ FSB SATA system?! My video is now my biggest bottleneck! I really wish everyone had switched over to AGP Pro slots and cards, then we wouldn't need supplemental power for video. We might have to wait for PCI Express for all this to resolved. I hope not. That's assuming PCI Express delivers more voltage than AGP.

Oh and for people thinking of switching to ATI because of this: Don't. Been there, done that. First my 9500 Pro had even WORSE problems than this 5900. It had rolling lines in 2D! My 9800 Pro was rock solid, but older games froze XP hard. So we should stick with Nvidia until they resolve this problem. Buy a Ti4600 for now or something. :-)
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