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Default Re: ATI (AMD) and nVidia slapped with class action lawsuit

Originally Posted by Raladdar View Post

There's another link to the article so you can put the BS meters away.

Of course companies can charge whatever they like for thier products. Our options as consumers are that we can not buy the product or buy the product from another company. If the product is only provided by 2 companies (good luck finding a product on the shelf by anyone other than ATI or Nvidia) and those 2 companies are are colluding to keep the price artificially high reguardless of market influences we have major problems (illegal activity?).

We have laws in place to govern against monopolies to promote fair market practices.

ATI + Nvidia = a monopoly
WOW you need a dictionary for Monopoly buddy! If AMD/ATI went out of business and Nvidia was left that would be Monopoly. Get your facts right before you start typing. Sorry don't mean to sound rude but this is over graphics cards. If you have such a BIG issue with just two companies...

Maybe you should make your own VGA cards and start selling them. Do you even know why there is only two companies? If, not then I shal explain. In the world of technology, it costs money and brains. you can have one or the other. To have both you need alot of $$$ to invest in creation of products.

ATI/AMD and Nvidia is so far ahead now that even new comers won't be able to compete. Is this ATI/AMD and Nvidia's fault? No. this law suit is more for sue happy America, and yes I love this country but what it has became is pretty shameful. Anyone will try to sue you for anything! Im sure if someone can sue you for stepping on their shoe's they would

Again, you gotta PAY TO PLAY! This goes for ANY manufacturer! Also you need to understand that a VGA card is not a necessary thing in life and for this law suit to happen is just straight REDONKULOUS! So should I start a law suiot with car companies too? For over charging on the MSRP prices? You sir need a reality check. If you want the best things in life oyu gotta pay. If the price drops, thats just normal. Price drops on VGA cards have been going on for as long as they have been out. Right now people are so desperate for money they will sue for any dumb reason.

Not to pre-judge you but you seem to sound like a sue happy person. :s
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